Why use Aptnik?

Reduce special-cases

Let your application code become "just another" package on your system — software is installed the same way, centralising metadata and processes.

Host your own backports

Fixed a bug and need it released today? Run your own private repository that can be used in a clean and reproducible way. No need to monkey-patch or hack the changes.

Zero effort

Avoid spending time hosting and maintaining your own Debian or Ubuntu archives — get started within minutes.

About Aptnik

Aptnik provides secure private APT/.deb repositories for software distribution on Debian and Ubuntu systems.

  • Support for multiple repositories for different environments (staging/live, web/datanbase etc.)
  • Add/update packages from the web or API
  • GPG-signed repositories, custom keys, etc.
  • Easy setup from configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.
  • Automated & configurable removal of older package versions
  • 4096-bit SSL

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